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Our daughter is engaged! I think the videos and smiles say it all! We absolutely love the proposal and are thrilled to welcome Richard as our son-in-law. We are so happy for them both. On March 12th, 2016 Richard Brandon Neri asked our daughter Bekah for her hand in marriage while running a 15K. (As of the Tuesday prior, we knew it was going to happen, and we were bursting at the seams with excitement!) It was Bekah's seventh year running the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida. The race has always been her favorite. This was Richard's first time running the Gate, just in time for a proposal. The proposal was amazing, thoughtful, sweet, exciting and totally a surprise to Bekah! Richard did an amazing job setting it up and recording it with his Go Pro. The video is part official Gate video with Richard's Go Pro shots incorporated. David Armstrong with RunFlix did an amazing job and I'm so grateful for this work. The second video shared here includes the amazing woman Richard asked to record the proposal.  She was so sweet and I'm truly grateful to her for capturing such a sweet moment. "I'm going to ask my girlfriend to marry me." Congratulations Richard and Bekah! We love you and are so excited for you both. xo
  • Amy Kosiewski - So happy for the beautiful couple!

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untitled-0644coStarting off right, outside, with family and camera in hand. My goals are simple yet seem to challenge me. Get outside, slow down, take photos... just be. I'm happiest when I do these things and I know this... so why is it so difficult to make these things a priority? It's a rhetorical question really, I know the answers. No need to go into deep thought here... we all know the answers. This year, my goals will be the same with a slight twist. Keep working on the inside, the "just be" part, meditate, be in nature, be creative and the rest (the outside) will fall into place. I had a great day yesterday, we drove through the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Black Point Wildlife Drive, explored, took photos, we walked, talked and laughed at the unsuspecting wildlife (our daughter). Enjoyed an incredible lunch at Dixie Crossroads, then headed over to Playlinda Brewing Company for wine and brews and more conversations and laughs! On the way home we stopped and visited with our daughter, boyfriend and grand dog, Taco and grand tortoise, Mr. Narwhal, yes, our grand tortoise. Then we rounded out the night with a rock'in dinner at Rock and Brews before heading home! It was a full and fun filled day with family, Rich & I, our daughter, my brother in-law and sister in-law. Below are photos from the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge:
"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" - John Muir Happy 2016! With love, Kim   
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