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Last Thursday 4 fully loaded cars headed north.  The girls were moving into their first apartment for school.  "The girls," two recent high school graduates heading out on their own for the very first time.  Our destination was only two hours away from home, but seemed to take so much longer to get there. Finally in Gainesville and at the apartment complex, the girls checked in, got their keys and it was time to start unloading.  We opened the door to the apartment to find new carpet and all new appliances, we also found that none of the furniture was put together (good news was it was all new furniture), there were a few missing drawers, and some of the appliances were not hooked up.  Oh and a little bit of mustard on the patio door, well maybe a lot! After a few phone calls, the furniture was put together and we started moving things in.  Then the girls set up their rooms, bathrooms, closets and the kitchen.  All in all, it was a good day and a great apartment. On Friday, the girls went over to the school, Santa Fe College, to pick up their books and to find their classes. We all went grocery shopping and took another trip to Target. "The parents" left Friday afternoon, I knew I was returning on Saturday with another Jeep full, but it was still hugs and kisses nonetheless and a bit emotional. Saturday, Road King and I drove back up with our daughter's TV, more clothes, shoes and her bicycle.  We spent the day getting her bicycle tires fixed, finding a Mexican restaurant for lunch (we got a little turned around), getting a gas cap for her car, moving furniture around and getting the TV set up.  There were lots of hugs and kisses when we left that evening.  It was hard to leave and what made it even harder is that our daughter told us she didn't want us to leave.  She could have told us this to make us feel good, she is thoughtful that way.  We were strong, we gave her lots of reassurance that we are only a phone call and a short two hour drive away.  If she needed anything we would always always be there for her.  She wasn't alone. We were confident that she knew all of this, but it seemed like the right time to say it again. We were going to miss her! And we were very excited for her and this new chapter in her life. The car ride home was quiet. We knew our lives were changing. No more Friday night football games, no more "where are you going, who are you going with, what time are you going to be home" conversations, and who's going to go with me to a "chick flick" late night movie on a weekday night? Both of our children are grown, both are finding their way in this world and we are so very proud of them.  We have been raising children since we were 21 and 23 years old, looking back, we were just kids ourselves. I wouldn't change a thing. We have and are still having a wonderful life journey. It has been a little over a week since the girls moved in, they have finished their first week of college and are settling in nicely.  My husband and I are too... we have always been the best of friends and we have a lot more date nights now!
  • Amy - Great pictures of move in day! I know you all will adjust in time. Just take one day at a time! Thinking of you….

  • Debra - All the photos are fantastic, but I’m partial to the one on the highway!

    I’ll be in the exact.same.boat. as you in a week and a half. Maybe reading your post has “immunized” me a bit? ;)

  • Kim - Thank you Debra! Good luck to you… I actually has been really fun.

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