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Our Holiday

This Christmas we got the best gift of all, our son came home from Afghanistan and came home to Orlando for Christmas and the New Year's Holiday. My husband, daughter and I all took a week off to "hang" with him.  To catch up and just be together.  We've spent the last 7 days visiting with friends and family enjoying our Holiday. The first night our son arrived, we grilled steaks, sat outside under the Christmas lights and enjoyed each other's company. My husband's cousin visited from Oregon, so good to see him and catch up at the Spooky Black Cat Cafe, The Milk Bar and Pacos. Christmas eve day we spent with my husband's brother, father and our nephew. We grubbed on wings and beer at The Winghouse.  While visiting, our son gave his father and Uncle 2 flags that were flown in Afghanistan from a Harrier in their names and certificates to go with them, a wonderful and emotional gift.  Very very cool! We had Christmas dinner at our house, the kid's grandparents, step-cousins and Rich's Uncle came over.  We had a house full and as always everyone left very full too! We are still trying to get through all the cookies that were left! Yikes! We've also cheered on a Magic win at the Amway Center. Cheering them on tonight again too! We've eaten fantastic food, like at the Brazilian Steakhouse, met up with our Nephew and his friend on Tuesday night for dinner, had some great laughs, we've watched movies and we've had our share of drink with a little dancing thrown in... lots of family time this holiday season! I am so grateful. Yesterday we ventured out to another great restaurant in Cocoa Beach, Florida Seafood (one of our favorites we wanted to share with our son) and spent a few hours at the War-bird Museum in Titusville. This afternoon we visited with friends and now we are relaxing before we head downtown to the Magic Vs. Nets game!
I think the rest of the week will be a little bit slower pace as we head into the new year and mentally prepare for going back to work next week. We are so thrilled to have both kids home at Christmas time.  Changes are coming in 2012, our son is getting out of the Military and starting college, our daughter is moving back to Orlando while she finishes school.  We are excited about the new year, the changes, even the uncertainy, and the adventures yet to come! For now it is all about the present and we will enjoy each and everyday as it unfolds.  Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a great week! and GO MAGIC! Love & Light, Kim
  • Amelia - Thank you for stopping by today. It looks like you do have big changes coming up! I think there is some real sanity and wisdom to being fluid especially during times of change. It’s good to be in such great company!

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