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Sunday Stroll & Duck Lips

Yesterday morning we were slow moving (much like manatees) but the day was gorgeous and we knew we didn't want to be inside.  My husband suggested Mount Dora or Deland, two quaint little towns to walk through and great for photography.  We've been to Mt. Dora many, many times, so I thought Deland would be a nice change.  I think it was a little after noon by the time we left the house and we were hungry.  On our way, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast and had a fun time trying to make duck lip faces.  Well, I was trying, everyone else seemed to know how to do it.  Oh, did I mention that we decided that this Sunday would be "Duck Lip Day?"  So we had to take pictures of us with duck lips.  It was a comical conversation and through trial and error and a lot of practicing, I realized I'm not very good at the duck lip pose. But I had fun trying! As we were heading towards Deland, my husband asked if we wanted to swing by Blue Springs to see the Manatees. Of course we did! It was perfect weather for them to be there, during the colder months Blue Springs State Park is a refuge for Manatees.  The count for the day was 250 Manatees according to the park rangers.  They are so sweet to watch, some were doing barrel rolls under the water, others just swimming and popping up for air so we could see their smiling faces. We had a wonderful time at the park, taking pictures and walking around.  After the park, we headed to Downtown Deland, to walk around, maybe stop for some tea or coffee and of course take pictures.  By the time we got there, now 5:00, everything in the town was closed. We walked around the few main streets, took some pictures and headed home.  It was a wonderful afternoon, very relaxing and felt good to be outside.
I so enjoy days like this.  Going and doing, finding adventure and just being together. Next Sunday, "Jazz Hands Day!" Hope everyone had a peaceful weekend. Love & Light, Kim  

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