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Thank you Expedia!

I’ve never been big on buying insurance for every little thing.  I’ve always had the attitude “whatever happens happens.” As much traveling as I’ve done I’ve never considered buying travel insurance until five months ago.
Five months ago my husband and I started planning our 25th wedding anniversary through  We booked and paid for the hotel, flights, car, and excursions through Expedia five months in advance. Out of character, I decided to take a look at Expedia’s Travel Protection Plan.  My reasons, it was the most money we have “pre-spent” on a trip, it was 5 months out and we were going to an island during hurricane season, it was worth a look. The cost of the Expedia Travel Protection Plans ranged from $39-$89 per person.  We decided it was a good investment and purchased the protection for $69 per traveler. Unfortunately I had to use the Travel Protection due to getting sick and a minor visit to the ER the day before we were scheduled to go (Everything is good). I was devastated at the thought of having to cancel our trip. Too my delight Expedia made it easy and took care of everything. No hassle, very friendly agents, superior customer service, easy, easy…. did I say no hassle. At the last-minute, we had to cancel or move the trip out a few days.  We weren’t sure how to handle, my husband got on the phone with Expedia immediately.  The agents were very informative, kind and helpful.  We decided to go ahead and cancel, as at that moment we were not sure when we would be able to go.  We got all of our money back and vouchers for the airlines. One day later we called Expedia to re-book the trip, they looked at our canceled itinerary and rescheduled everything for us. The $138.00 dollars we spent on the Travel protection policy was worth every penny. Now we are back on track and we will be on our way on Monday.  Thank you Expedia for making this change stress free. Check back for a post & photos on Barbados soon…. Thank you Expedia!
  • Sue Jorgenson - What a great read! You’ve reinforced my decision to max out on travel insurance for when I go to Iceland in late February (I just got renter’s insurance to cover my cameras). And I loooove the picture of the feet peeking out of the water – oh, I feel as if I’m THERE. I hope you have a glorious trip to the Barbados!

  • Dirk - Ok, so you say you got your money back from Expedia, and received vouchers for the airlines. But what about the fee that the airlines charge when you reschedule the flight, which can be as much as $250+?

  • Kim - I don’t recall there was a change, if so, it was absorbed with the change.

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