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The Best Gift of All

... is time together. The kids and I decided to take Rich (Husband & Father) to a Steeler game for Christmas. Growing up 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and a Steeler fan since the 3rd grade, Rich had never been to a game in Pittsburgh. There's no time like the present.  We planned it, bought the tickets and off we went on December 21st for 3 days, returning on 12/24. We did tell Rich a few weeks prior to the trip, I couldn't hold it in anymore! Plus I wanted him to be as excited as we were leading up to the date. The trip was amazing. If not for a Steeler loss, I'd say pretty darn perfect! The four of us had not taken a vacation together since 2007. Being together, especially at Christmas was amazing. It snowed, it was sunny for the game, our hotel was in a perfect location, we visited family, ate amazing food, and enjoyed each other's company! I feel so blessed. I am beyond grateful to have this time together. Thank you to my amazing kids for helping to make this happen and to Rich for enjoying every minute!  I love you all. xo
  • Rich - And thank you! My amazing wife :-)

  • Jennifer Richardson - I watched your trip vicariously on fb
    and, yes, the best gift IS time together
    and so glad you enjoyed yours:)

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