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Bragging Rights

Just be because they are adults doesn't mean I'll stop "bragging" on them... they will always be my children afterall. Happy Birthday to my son who turns 24 today! He is an amazing guy, hardworking, passionate, funny, charming, smart and yes good looking. He has been my teacher since the day he was born, he is my hero, I'm proud of his accomplishments and his drive to do more.  I wish him all the best of everything....why limit the possibilities, he deserves all the happiness a lifetime can bring. Today (well, yesterday now looking at the time) my daughter finished her 4th Gate River Run 15k in her best time yet! 1:29:57 with a pace of 9:41 a mile. I'm so proud of her.  She runs with a smile and I just love supporting her and cheering her on!  I love her passion and drive to keep running, stay fit and live a healthy life.   All my love,
  • Jennifer Richardson - you should be proud as punch of those lovelies:)
    i sometimes wonder what life would have been like
    if there had been facebook and blogging
    when my kids were little.
    i think i would have been a better mom.
    would have celebrated them more.
    sometimes i wish.
    well, glad for the changes.
    love and thanks for sharing,

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