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Happy 21st Celebration!

Our youngest turned 21 this week! Wow... 21 years old. I'm not going to say "where has the time gone" as I know exactly where it went. It went to school, soccer, dance, cheer leading, boyfriends, family trips, holidays and 20 previous birthdays. Our little girl is all grown up.  She has been grown up for a few years now, but now of course she can order a drink in the US, been there done that in other countries. She's been having a good time this week too.  Love to see her enjoying life. (While being responsible!) When our son turned 21 he was in Malaysia while on deployment with the USMC. We saw the pictures of his 21st birthday beer. I'm grateful that for our daughter's day, all of us are here together, including our son to celebrate. Last night, we celebrated at the Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe with family & friends. So much fun! The paparazzi came out when our daughter was presented the beer boot for her Birthday, as it seemed about as big as her! We danced the chicken dance and sang along to "That's Amore".  Love the polka music, even the sad song "No beer on Sunday!" Happy 21st Birthday to our beautiful girl! You have filled our lives with joy, laughter, love & kindness since the day we meet you 21 years ago.  Keep shining and sharing your light with others. Always be true to yourself, take life for a ride and never stop smiling! We love you! xoxo  With all our love,  Mom & Dad In the pictures... The carton of beer was from Rich to Bekah, he handpicked each bottle and wrote a funny note on each.  It was fun going through them. Like - "Session - Have a Session, you won't regret it. I think or at least I'm pretty sure." & on the Hofrarau Beer - "thought this would be cheaper than flying you to Pittsburgh... or Germany for that matter."   Of course, I captured the pictures right before Bekah was going out for a run. Always beautiful. Cherishing the memories. Here are a few blurry, red eye, iphone photos in the moment.

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