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Weekend Vacation

This weekend I posted a few pictures on Facebook from places and things we were doing over the weekend. A friend of mine posted "Are you and Rich on permanent vacation? You two travel all over the place..." To which my response was "We start vacation every Friday at 5:00 until Monday mornings at 8, with a few weekdays thrown in for good measure throughout the year." and his response was "Well played my friend! You should write a book..." So here you go.. Hopefully a blog post will work! This is actually a rewrite as I realized I was getting way to detailed and no one really cares for that much detail about a weekend of nothing! But I do have to set the stage. Last week was a hellacious week for my husband at work; he was on call and worked almost 50 additional hours to his regular workweek. Typically, this isn't so bad, but every call was at 1, 2, and 3 in the morning, repeated calls in which he had to drive hours away to take care of. I even admit I got a bit annoyed, he didn't sleep and either did I. It was probably the roughest weeks I can remember and he's been doing on-call for about 18 years or so.  So when Friday at 5:00 PM hit is was like we were going on vacation. Our weekend vacation. Out the door we went, first stop Matilda's on Park Avenue in Winter Park. Quick stop, limited on tap beer selection, no Aussie beer and sadly warm beer. Off day I'd say.  My stoli & club soda was just fine & the music, classic rock, was great. Moved across the street to the Orchid Thai Cuisine.  Had a nice dinner outside. Then went for a walk along the avenue. We even stopped in a magical place Le Macron French Pastries for a delightful treat. It was a beautiful evening. Decided we wanted to go somewhere in walking distance from our house, we drove home, parked the car and walked to The Hangar Bar & Grille in College Park. Enjoyed a drink each and realized we were exhausted! I won't tell you how early it really was, let's just say we were not rock stars that night, but did spend an enjoyable time out without any phones ringing. Saturday, August 10th - up early to head to the to the Rennigers Flea Market. My husband typically goes on Saturday morning and meets up with his brother and father.  It is a good way for the guys to spend time with their Dad.  I decided to tag along on Saturday. We hopped on the Harley and off we went.  Boy was it a hot day! After fleaing it was lunch time. Met up with our sister-in law and we all rode the Harleys to Ruby Grille in Tavares for lunch. Our nephew also joined us, it was a nice time. Then home again briefly to get ready again to go to Universal Studios Hard Rock Cafe to see Adam Ant in concert with friends.   Next stop, Bob Marley’s for dinner and drinks and to meet up with our concert going friends. It was Jamaica’s Independence celebration so the place was jammin. Now on the concert, Prima Donna from LA opened and Adam Ant killed it! Awesome show. Home again. Sunday, August 11th - up a little later than Saturday, out the door for breakfast to our favorite cafe. Linda's Winter Park Diner.  Coffee please! We then tried to run errands, but everywhere we went wasn't open yet. So I guess we were up earlier than I thought.  Even googled a couple places and their websites were wrong on the times.  I don’t think we were meant to do “chores” or errands this weekend. We were not very successful at it. Came home, chilled for a bit. It was nice. Then can you believe it, my husband lost the "healing cap" on his tooth after he had surgery on it.  Not good! He messaged our friend who is the hygienist and she (and her family) met him at the office to fix it. Quick fix and he was back home. Then off to the movies and to lunch. Finally find a parking spot downtown Orlando and realized we forgot the movie passes.  My husband was not about to pay for the movie at the downtown theatre when he had passes at home. So we went home to get them. Now we are behind, do we skip lunch or do we go to a later show? We decide to go to a later show and take our time. We get the tickets, go back downtown, find another parking spot and started to walk. Lunch at PourHouse Orlando. Great place, really liked it. Good food choices too. For a while we were the oldest (by far) in the place, but soon after, a mix of folks came pouring in.  Now we had about 3 hours for lunch! We took our time. Next stop; Frank & Steins downtown. I drank my iced tea & my husband had a beer and we played two games of battleship.  Score is in question; we will let this one go. Time for the movie! Our daughter met us at the movie that was a nice treat. We saw "We're The Millers" hysterical! Time to go home. Sunday night, weekend vacation is about over. Relax in our favorite positions on the sofa and watch the season opening of Breaking Bad. Perfect end to a wonderful weekend vacation. Weekend vacation starts again this Friday August 16th.  Which coincidentally is my 45th birthday! There, I said it... 45 years old! Whew! I hope everyone has a great week. P.S. The graphics on the above photos were done using the Rhonna Design iPhone app. Amazing! Check it out on itunes.  All photos above taken with iPhone 5. Template from Studio DD. Designer Digitals.  

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