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We Have a Love Hate Relationship

Football Season.... What I love, love, love about football season, it's a friends and family affair.  We don our Jerseys, our T/Shirts, our hats and get together with family and friends to cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers!  We eat and drink, we laugh and cheer and waive our Terrible Towels. That is my favorite part. But there's another side to football season.  The losing side. dunt, dun, dun. Not so fun. Not because we are bad losers.  But because of the intensity, my heart can't take it! The close games, the bad calls, the stupid plays…LOL! Well, that's part of it. What my heart really can't take… is when my loving, caring, usually even keeled husband is upset about a game. It's tough, really it is! During the game, the intense blurt out at the TV! The disgust in his voice and body language. Then the silent treatment when it's over.  Not towards me personally, but the world in general. Then the next day we are all better and can't wait until the next game! We love it again! Yay, football season! Go Steelers! 2014 Season is going to be awesome, we are ready!  
Go Steelers!

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