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10 Lessons Learned at The Suwannee Springfest 2014

untitled-1071ResizedWow, what an incredible time this weekend at Suwannee Springfest 2014! Being our first Springfest music festival we knew this would be a learning adventure and it did not disappoint. Here are the top 10 things we took away from our weekend fun: 10.  Find, study, and bring a campsite map prior to staking ground. If using the "ask a neighbor" approach... "What's a good place to camp that is close to the festival area?" Highly recommend asking someone who looks over 40. Asking the twenty something cuties got us, "oh its close... cut right through the woods over there."  We believed them.  In fit news, 20,651 steps on Saturday (8. 62 miles walked) with 2851 calories burned. 9.  Bring your own TP everywhere you go. Start thinking showering is overrated or BYOS (Bring your own shower). Lysol (non-bleach) wipes are the best invention ever! 8.  Always bring a buddy at night when going to the port-o-let to keep the door slightly open for light; a good friend will block the doorway. In other news, Festival Port-o-lets are a hot bed of pick up activity. Oh the people you will meet standing in line. 7.  Tapestries, tribe names, camp themes, costumes, onesies, overalls, suspenders and of course tie dye.  Anything goes! Animal costumes are quite popular; we saw penguins, a bear, a bumblebee and met "sprinkles" a pet unicorn. ... And there was a banana. 6.  Bring a chair and set it up early at the main amphitheater, bring a blanket for the other stages or stand. Don't be alarmed when someone borrows your chair while you are not there. They will kindly move when you return. 5.  Don't believe anyone who says "I know a short cut!" 4.  Rain  jackets  and ponchos  are  most  effective  when  you  have  them  with  you  when  it  starts  raining. 3.  There is a difference between gunshot sounds and firework blasts. Fireworks also have lights in the sky. Nevertheless, the unexpected sounds at 1:00 AM are startling. I've been told hiding behind a tent isn't recommended. 2.  When outside enjoying nature, great music and adult beverages all day, pace yourself! Have an espresso and 5 hour energy shot (both are highly recommended) around 4 PM to keep the fun going or you might end up back at the tent by 10:00 PM missing some awesome bands. It could happen. 1.  Relax and smile! Surround yourself with go-with-the-flow, loving & caring people who appreciate diversity, great music, and friendship.  We already knew this & we had a wonderful time with our "festy besties"! Pictures are  HERE! So the site doesn't get too slow, more pictures are on my Release Priority Studio site as well! Love & light,

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