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Bonjour, November 2014, first time traveling to Europe, first time in Paris. Merveilleux! étonnante! Warning... heavy use of photos ahead. I snapped so many photos, trying to organize them is daunting. I was nervous I'd miss a photo that I have duplicate folders like "Paris Again" and "Paris 2" on my hard drive. This isn't because I've been to Paris more than once, no... this is because I really wanted to make sure I saved every single photo. Crazy. Today I decided I needed some bling, here's a few photos of Versailles, France. I love looking back at my photos, planing for the next visit. "Paris is always a good idea." - Audrey Hepburn When you come upon a photo of me posing very strangely... this was my attempt of posing as Louis XIV.  This pose was based on our tour guide coaching on what Louis XIV would pose like, showing off his calves as a sign of wealth.  As I look back online at pictures of Louis XIV, I'm not seeing it. I look pretty silly, oh well. Who cares... I'm standing at the Grand Canal at Chateau De Versailles! The pictures are a sampling of pictures from the Palace to the surrounding grounds.  SAM1016 SAM1023 SAM0984 SAM0954 SAM1039 SAM1073  SAM0973 SAM0789 SAM0778 SAM0850 "What an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world!" - Charles Dickens Je t'embrasse,

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